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Lexi Lounge was founded in 2021 by Alexandria Stanley-Ahmed, in Birmingham, UK. The brand consists of a one wo-man band striving to make others feel confident and beautiful. 

"Since a young age I have always loved sewing. My answer for what do you want to be when you grow up was always a fashion designer... and it pretty much still is! After completing my undergraduate degree in Fashion at the University of Lincoln, I went on to work in bridal wear. Working with beautiful brides and such fine fabrics was almost enough to satisfy my drive for creativity and passion for sewing, but there was still something missing. During the first of the great lockdowns of 2020, I explored the interest I had in lingerie and fell head over heels in love! It has really ignited my passion for sewing in a way no other branch of fashion has before. I have so many ideas I want to share to show what I can do and this is only the beginning..." Alexandria (Lexi) 26th February 2021.

Here at Lexi Lounge we are focused on delivering slow fashion, often using remnant pieces of high quality fabric to create our exclusive designs. All pieces are hand drafted and crafted from scratch. There is love and care in every stitch, so wear your Lexi Lounge with pride and strut your stuff!

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